AMS1117 series of adjustable and fixed voltage regulators are designed to provide 1A output current and to operate down to 1V input-to-output differential. The dropout voltage of the device is guaranteed maximum 1.3V at maximum output current, decreasing at lower load currents. On-chip trimming adjusts the reference voltage to 1.5%. Current limit is also trimmed, minimizing the stress under overload conditions on both the regulator and power source circuitry. The AMS1117 devices are pin compatible with other three-terminal SCSI regulators and are offered in the low profile surface mount SOT-223 package, in the 8L SOIC package and in the TO-252 (DPAK) plastic package.

AMS1117 订购型号
TO-252 SOT-223 8L SOIC 温度范围
AMS1117CD AMS1117 AMS1117CS -40 to 125° C
AMS1117CD-1.5 AMS1117-1.5 AMS1117CS-1.5 -40 to 125° C
AMS1117CD-1.8 AMS1117-1.8 AMS1117CS-1.8 -40 to 125° C
AMS1117CD-2.5 AMS1117-2.5 AMS1117CS-2.5 -40 to 125° C
AMS1117CD-2.85 AMS1117-2.85 AMS1117CS-2.85 -40 to 125° C
AMS1117CD-3.3 AMS1117-3.3 AMS1117CS-3.3 -40 to 125° C
AMS1117CD-5.0 AMS1117-5.0 AMS1117CS-5.0 -40 to 125° C
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