The AMS431L is a three-terminal adjustable shunt regulator with guaranteed temperature stability over the entire range of operation. The output voltage can be set to any value between 1.24V (VREF) and 20V by adding two external resistors. The AMS431L features 0.5% initial tolerance, low dynamic output impedance and operates over a wide current range. Due to the sharp turn-on characteristics this device is an excellent replacement for zener diodes in many applications. AMS431L is available in TO-92, SOT-89, 3 pin SOT-23 and 5 pin SOT-23 packages.

AMS431L 订购型号
TOL. TO-92 SOT-89 3 LEAD SOT-23 5 LEAD SOT-23 温度范围
±0.5% AMS431LAN AMS431LAL AMS431LAM AMS431LAM1 -40 to +85° C
±1.0% AMS431LBN AMS431LBL AMS431LBM AMS431LBM1 -40 to +85° C
±2.0% AMS431LCN AMS431LCL AMS431LCM AMS431LCM1 -40 to +85° C
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