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AMS23 The AMS23 low power voltage detector provides monitoring of battery, power-supply, and regulated system voltages. A precision voltage reference and comparator monitors the VCC input and compares it with a specified voltage threshold condition. When VCC falls below a specified trip point threshold, the output (OUT) is forced low and remains asserted as long as the VCC input remains below VTH- + hysteresis (VHYST). The AMS23 device is guaranteed to output the correct logic state for VCC down to 0.7V. They are also designed to ignore fast transients on VCC. This small, low power device is ideal for portable applications and is available in space-saving SOT23-5 package.

AMS23 订购型号
OUTPUT TYPE 3 LEAD SOT-23 Operating Temp(°C)
OPEN DRAIN AMS23M1 -40 to +85°C

AMS26 数据手册DataSheet 下载 . pdf

AMS26 series are voltage detector ICs featuring a high accuracy detector threshold of +/-2.0% and ultra-low supply current. Internal circuit contains a precision voltage reference, a comparator, resistor network, and an output driver. The AMS26 has an NPN open collector output. The detector threshold is set from 1.45V to 4.6V in 0.05V increments and 4.6V to 7.9 in 0.1V increments. Also available from 7.9V to 12V in 170mV increments, thus making it easy to use in a variety of supervisory applications including microprocessor reset circuits, memory battery back-up circuit, battery checker, power failure detector and portable and battery powered electronics. AMS26 is available in TO-92 and the sub-miniature 3-pin SOT-23 surface mount package.

AMS26 订购型号
OUTPUT TYPE TO-92 3 LEAD SOT-23 Operating Temp(°C)

AMS26 数据手册DataSheet 下载 . pdf

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