MoCA 前端集成电路 Front-End Integrated Circuits

M/A-COM Tech offers a line of front-end integrated circuits developed specifically for MoCA? (Multi Media over Coax Alliance) enabled customer premises equipment such as Home Gateways, Routers, Ethernet-to-Coax bridges, Network Attached Storage, and Set-Top-Boxes. These devices are also qualified for MoCA infrastructure such as Optical Network terminals, LTE Antenna and Line / Distribution Amplifiers.

Frequency (MHz)
Part Number Min Max TX Gain (dB) Vdd (V) Package
Front End GaAs IC
775.00 1525.00 16.8 3.3 3 mm PQFN-16
Front End GaAs IC
475.00 625.00 17.5 3.3 3 mm PQFN-16
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