NORDIC Single chip ANT? ICs/solutions

Nordic Semiconductor offers a complete ANT? wireless solution based on a range of ANT connectivity RF ICs with fully embedded ANT protocol stacks. Our solution is an ideal fit for a wide range of ultra low power wireless sensor network applications including wireless sensors and hubs for sports, fitness and healthcare products.

ANT? is a proven, ultra low power, flexible and easy-to-use network protocol for 2.4GHz ISM band communication. ANT provides multivendor interoperability via the ANT+ managed network and the member companies of the open ANT+ Alliance.


ANT?是成熟的、超低功耗、灵活和简单易用的2.4GHz ISM频段的通信网络协议。 通过ANT+网络管理和ANT+联盟,ANT实现了多厂商互操作性。

ANT? 订购产品
名称 概况
nRF24AP2-1CH 1-channel ANT Connectivity IC
nRF24AP2-8CH 8-channel ANT Connectivity IC
nRF24AP2-USB 8-channel ANT Connectivity IC with USB interface
Development Tools
名称 概况
nRF24AP2 Development Kit ANT Development Kit for nRF24AP2-1CH/8CH RF ICs
nRF24AP2 Development Upgrade Kit nRF24AP2 upgrade kit for nRF24AP1 Development Kit
Reference Designs
名称 概况
nRFready ANT USB dongle ANT USB dongle reference design with nRF24AP2-USB
Not recommended for new designs
名称 概况
nRF24AP1 4-channel ANT Connectivity IC
nRF24AP1 Development Kit ANT Development Kit for nRF24AP1
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