General Description The Samsung S3C2443 Mobile Application Processor has the performance and features required by advanced handheld devices. The S3C2443 has been optimized for demanding applications such as portable GPS navigation devices, drawing on Samsung's industry-leading semiconductor expertise and track record supporting major worldwide customers for GPS devices, smartphones and other multimedia and graphics-intensive applications.
At up to 533MHz, the processor’s advanced ARM920T core is the fastest on the market. The S3C2443 also has a multilayered memory bus architecture with bus speed up to 133MHz that allows simultaneous data transfer between processor, memory and peripherals, enabling designers to create devices with high performance and responsiveness. For example, in the case of portable GPS navigation device, it can simultaneously display maps on the display and access map data from memory without compromising the user's experience.
The S3C2443 provides maximum flexibility, with features like a two-port memory controller that allows designers to choose different DRAM and SROM memory types. The new Samsung processor also includes broad, high-bandwidth connectivity via high-speed USB 2.0 and MMC 4.0 interfaces, along with built-in interfaces to cameras, screens, storage and other peripherals. Included are fast CE ATA for connection to mobile hard drives and high-speed SPI that can be used for even more connectivity.
The S3C2443 enables designers to build the small, high-performance, feature-rich devices that have great consumer appeal. For example, by the inclusion of fast interfaces like USB 2.0, mobile devices are assured of the quick downloads required by high-speed media.
The S3C2443 gives designers maximum flexibility, such as a broad choice of memory types to accommodate many different device designs. It supports MLC, SLC or OneNANDTM flash as well as different kinds of mobile SDRAM, both single and double data rate. In addition, its flexible LCD controller enables designers to specify many different displays, such as 4-bit black and white, 12-bit CSTN and 24-bit TFT. Block Diagram S3C2443 Features - ARM Core
- Integrated system for hand-held devices and general embedded applications
- 16/32-Bit RISC architecture with powerful instruction set
- Memory Subsystem
- ROM/SRAM/NAND/NOR interface
- NAND flash memory for boot loader and data storage
- NAND Interface
- One-NAND?/SRAM/ROM/NOR Flash Interface
- DRAM interface
- Standard SDRAM/mSDRAM/mDDR
- Display Controller
- STN LCD / TFT LCD interface
- TFT LCD Interface
- Camera Interface
- Up to 4M pixel for scaled or 16M pixel for unscaled resolution
- Image flip supports Y-mirror, X-mirror, 180° rotation
- H/W Color Space Conversion
- A/D Converter and Touch Screen Interface
- 10-ch multiplexed ADC
- Connectivity
- I2S Bus Interface
- I2C Bus Interface
- 4-ch UART
- USB Host : Compatible with USB Specification version 1.1
- USB Device : Compatible with the USB Specification version 2.0
- SPI Interface
- AC97 Audio Interface
- System Peripheral
- Clock & Power Manager
- Interrupt Controller
- Timer with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
- Real Time Clock (RTC)
- 6-ch DMA controller
- 16-bit Watchdog Timer
- 24-port GPIO
- 24 External interrupt ports
- 174 Multiplexed input/output ports
- Operating Conditions
- Supply Voltage for Logic Core : 1.3 V for 400MHz, 1.375 V for 533MHz
- External Memory Interface :
- ROM/SRAM : 1.8V/2.5V/3.0V/3.3V
- SDRAM : 1.8V
- External I/O Interface : 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V
- Package
- 400 FBGA 13x13
Benefits - Optimum system BOM cost
- Support MLC NAND flash
- Full set of on-chip peripherals
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