general description Samsung's S3C3410X(KS17C40100) 16/32-bit RISC MCU is a cost-effective and high- performance MCU solution for PDA and general purpose application. An outstanding feature of the KS17C40100 is its CPU core, a 16/32-bit RISC processor(ARM7TDMI) designed by ARM, Ltd.
The ARM7TDMI core is a low-power, general purpose, microprocessor macro-cell that was developed for use in application-specific and customer-specific integrated circuits. Its simple, elegant, and fully static design is particularly suitable for cost- sensitive and power-sensitive application.By providing a complete set of common system peripherals,the S3C3410X(KS17C40100) minimizes overall system costs and eliminates the need to configure additional components.
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S3C3410 技术支撑
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