LTK001 - Thermocouple Cold Junction Compensator and Matched Amplifier

The compensator is a selected version of the LT1025 cold junction compensator. The amplifier, which is also available separately as LTKA0X has been specially selected for thermocouple applications. It has low supply current to minimize warmup drift, very low offset voltage (<35?V), high gain, and extremely low input bias currents (<600pA) to allow high impedance input filters to be used without degrading offset voltage or drift. Matching of the kits is accomplished by separating the compensators and amplifiers according to the polarity of their inital (room temperature) errors. This eliminates the need to sum the errors of the two components to find the worst-case error. The LTK001 has direct thermocouple outputs of 60.9?V/°C (E) 51.7?V/°C (J), 40.6?V/°C (K,T), and 5.95?V/°C (R,S). It also has a 10mV/°C output which can be scaled to match any arbitrary thermocouple. The amplifier in the LTK001 kit is available in an 8-pin plastic miniDIP for 0°C to 70°C operation and an 8-pin TO-39 metal can for -55°C to +125°C operation. The compensator is available in 8-pin plastic miniDIP for 0°C to 70°C operation and 8-pin ceramic miniDIP for -55?C to +125°C operation. For multiple thermocouple applications using one compensator, amplifiers may be ordered separately (LTKAOx), still matched to the compensator. For typical performance curves and all applications circuits consult the LT1025 data sheet.

  • 0.75°C Initial Accuracy (A Version)
  • Extremely Low Warmup Drift
  • Preset Outputs for Type E, J, K, R, S, T
  • Single 5V to ± 20V Operation
  • 480?A Typical Supply Current
  • Available in 8-Pin DIP Package
LTK001 Typical Application
  • Thermocouple Cold Junction Compensation
LTK001 Package Drawing
LTK001 Package Drawing
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LTK001 - Thermocouple Cold Junction Compensator and Matched Amplifier
DN302 - 超精准仪表放大器构成了坚固的热电偶接口
DN302 - Ultraprecise Instrumentation Amplifier Makes Robust Thermocouple Interface
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