A/D & D/A Converter Combinations

Part#ADC ChannelsVin RangeDAC OutputsVout RangeADC DNL (max)(LSBs)ADC INL in LSBs (max)(LSBs)ADC Resolution(bits)Output Data FormatDAC Resolution(bits)DAC Vout DNL (max)(LSBs)DAC Vout INL (max)(LSBs)Cross Talk (Typ)(dB)Automotive Recommended
AD729340 to 5V8-5 to 0V, 0 to 5V1112SPI1213-95-
AD5593R80 to 5V80 to 5V1212Serial1211-95-
AD5592R80 to 5V80 to 5V1212Serial1211-95No
AD7294-220 to 5V40 to 5V0.991.512I2C1213-90No
AD729280 to 5V40 to 5V0.60.9910SPI100.31-80No
AD5590160 to 5V160 to 5V1.5112Serial120.253-82No
AD729460 to 5V40 to 5V0.991.512I2C1213-90No
ADT75195-4---8Serial, SPI8---75-
ADT751740 to 5V40 to 5V--10I2C, SPI100.5--75No
ADT7516-0 to 5V40 to 5V--10I2C, SPI120.9--75No
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