MAX1493XSEVKIT:Evaluation Kit for the MAX14130/MAX14131/MAX14930/MAX14931/MAX14932/MAX14934/MAX14935 and MAX14936

The MAX1493X evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the functionality of the MAX1493X 4-channel, unidirectional, digital isolators in a 16-pin, SOIC surface-mount package. The functionality and performance of the QSOP versions (MAX1413x) can be tested indirectly by using this EVkit populated with any of the equivalent narrow or wide SOIC (MAX1493x) devices. The functionality and electrical performance of the QSOP versions are identical to their corresponding SOIC versions. The EV kit features two independent isolated power supplies independently adjustable to +5V.

Key Features
  • Ease of Use
    • Easy Powering Through Micro-USB or Test Points
    • SMA Connectors to Connect to External Equipment
  • Guaranteed Up to 5kVRMS Isolation (for the Wide-Body SOIC Version)
    • Also Evaluates the 2.75KVRMS Versions.
  • Battery Management
  • Fieldbus Communications for Industrial Automation
  • General Multichannel Isolation Applications
  • Isolated SPI, RS-232, RS-485/RS-422
  • Medical Systems
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