MAX3544:Multiband Digital Television Tuner

Achieves Highest Performance with Spur-Free, Easy Design-In Architecture Addressing Worldwide Digital Standards

The MAX3544 broadband single-conversion television tuner is designed for use in digital (DVB-T, DVB-C, GB20600) television sets and terrestrial receivers. It receives all television bands from 47MHz to 862MHz and converts the selected channel to an industry-standard 36MHz IF. The MAX3544 includes a variable-gain low-noise input amplifier; an RF tracking filter; an image rejection mixer; a peak detector; an optional internal, self-contained RF gain-control loop (RFAGC); a VCO with fractional-N PLL; an IF bandpass filter; an IF variable-gain amplifier; and a crystal oscillator. The MAX3544 is available in a small, 6mm x 6mm, thin QFN package, and the application circuit fits in 20mm x 25mm on a two-layer board with single-sided component mounting.

Key Features
  • Standard IF Architecture Ensures < -70dBc Spurs
  • Integrated RF Tracking Filter
  • Integrated IF Bandpass Filter
  • Full-Band Coverage (47MHz to 862MHz)
  • 70dB Image Rejection
  • 4dB Noise Figure
  • Fast-Locking, Low Phase-Noise PLL Supports 256QAM
  • Crystal Oscillator and Buffer/Divider to Drive Baseband IC
  • 745mW Power Dissipation
MAX3544: Block Diagram/Typical Application Circuit/Pin Configuration
MAX3544: Block Diagram/Typical Application Circuit/Pin Configuration
  • ATSC
  • DTMB/GB20600
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-T/DVB-T2
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MAX3544?Data SheetMAX3544.pdf
Part NumberRef. Clock Freq.
Input Frequency
IF Output Freq.
Noise Figure
(mm x mm)
Oper. Temp.
MAX354416 to 3247 to 8623643.1 to 3.5225ATSC
6.0 x 6.00 to +70TQFN/40
Design kits & evaluation modules
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Ordering Information
Part NumberStatusRecommended ReplacementPackageTempRoHS
MAX3544CTL+ActiveTQFN,;40 pin;37.2 mm?0°C to +70°CLead Free
MAX3544CTL+TActiveTQFN,;40 pin;37.2 mm?0°C to +70°CLead Free
MAX3544.pdf MAX3544
MAX3544.pdf MAX3544
General Layout Guidelines for RF and Mixed-Signal PCBs MAX5862
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