QorIQ? Qonverge Platform: Baseband Processor

OrderBudgetary Price excluding tax(US$)Package Type and Termination CountCore TypeCore: Number of cores (Spec)Operating Frequency (Max) (MHz)Cache (KB)L2 Cache (Max) (KB)External Memory SupportedEthernet TypeUSB featuresCommunication ProtocolAdditional FeaturesAmbient Operating Temperature (Min-Max) (°C)
B44201K @ US$137.00, 1K @ US$152.24FCPBGA 1020SC3900, e650041600324096DDR3, DDR3L1 x USB 2.0CPRI, SRIO0 to 105, -40 to 105
B48601K @ US$202.81 - 1K @ US$264.85FCPBGA 1020SC3900, e6500101600328192DDR3, DDR3L1 x USB 2.0CPRI, SRIO-40 to 105, 0 to 105
BSC91311K @ US$28.30 - 1K @ US$33.12FCPBGA 520SC3850, e5002800, 100032256DDR3, DDR3L1GBaseT, SGMII1 x USB 2.0Antenna Interface Controller-40 to 105, 0 to 105
BSC91321K @ US$64.64 - 1K @ US$85.32FCPBGA 780SC3850, e50041000, 120032512DDR3, DDR3L1GBaseT, SGMII1 x USB 2.0Antenna Interface Controller0 to 105, -40 to 105
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