INA122:Single Supply, MicroPower Instrumentation Amplifier

Recommended alternative parts
  • INA118 - ?Similar to INA122 with quiescent current 350uA but not rail-to-rail
  • INA126 - ?Similar to INA122 with the quiescent current 175uA but not rail-to-rail
Number of Channels (#)1
Vs (Min) (V)2.2
Vs (Max) (V)36
CMRR (Min) (dB)83
Input Offset (+/-) (Max) (uV)250
Input Offset Drift (+/-) (Max) (uV/C)3
Input Bias Current (+/-) (Max) (nA)25
Noise at 1kHz (Typ) (nV/rt(Hz))60
Iq (Typ) (mA)0.06
Bandwidth at Min Gain (Typ) (MHz)0.12
Gain (Min) (V/V)5
Gain (Max) (V/V)10000
Gain Error (+/-) (Max) (%)0.15
Operating Temperature Range (C)-40 to 85
Package GroupPDIP SOIC
Approx. Price (US$)2.45 | 1ku
Package Size: mm2:W x L (PKG)See datasheet (PDIP)
Noise at 0.1 Hz - 10 Hz (Typ) (uVpp)2
Gain Non-Linearity (+/-) (Max) (%)0.002
TitleTypeSize (KB)Date
Single Supply, MicroPower Instrumentation AmplifierPDF74627 Sep 2000
Application notes?(2)
TitleTypeSize (KB)Date
4Q 2015 Analog Applications JournalMultiple Files30 Oct 2015
VCM vs. VOUT plots for instrumentation amplifiers with two op ampsPDF63230 Oct 2015
User guides?(2)
TitleTypeSize (KB)Date
Universal Instrumentation Amplifier EVM User’s Guide (Rev. B)PDF73909 Aug 2016
Universal Instrumentation Amplifier EVM User’s GuidePDF72111 Sep 2013
Selection & solution guides?(1)
TitleTypeSize (KB)Date
Analog Signal Chain Guide (Rev. B)PDF600011 Jul 2013
TitleTypeSize (KB)Date
INA122 PSpice Model (Rev. A)ZIP54?KB25 Jul 2011
INA122 TINA-TI Reference Design (Rev. B)TSC67?KB25 Jul 2011
INA122 TINA-TI Spice Model (Rev. A)ZIP4?KB25 Jul 2011
Design kits & evaluation modules?(1)
Universal Instrumentation Amplifier Evaluation ModuleINAEVMEvaluation Modules & Boards
Development tools?(2)
Calculate Input Common-Mode Range of Instrumentation AmplifiersINA-CMV-CALCCalculation Tools
SPICE-Based Analog Simulation ProgramTINA-TICircuit Design & Simulation
Ordering Information
Part #Preproduction / Production MaterialStatusTemp(oC)Price | QTYPackage | PinsDevice MarkingPackage QTY | Carrier
INA122PProductionACTIVE-40 to 853.57 | 1kuPDIP?(P)INA122P50 | TUBE
INA122PAProductionACTIVE2.82 | 1kuPDIP?(P)INA122P A50 | TUBE
INA122PAG4ProductionACTIVE2.82 | 1kuPDIP?(P)INA122P A50 | TUBE
INA122PG4ProductionACTIVE-40 to 853.57 | 1kuPDIP?(P)INA122P50 | TUBE
INA122UProductionACTIVE3.70 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA 122U75 | TUBE
INA122U/2K5ProductionACTIVE3.20 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA 122U2500 | LARGE T&R
INA122UAProductionACTIVE2.95 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA A 122U75 | TUBE
INA122UA/2K5ProductionACTIVE2.45 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA 122U A2500 | LARGE T&R
INA122UA/2K5G4ProductionACTIVE2.45 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA 122U A2500 | LARGE T&R
INA122UAG4ProductionACTIVE2.95 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA 122U A75 | TUBE
INA122UE4ProductionACTIVE3.70 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA 122U75 | TUBE
Single Supply, MicroPower Instrumentation Amplifier INA122
2015 年第 4 季度模拟应用期刊 BQ24715
具有两个运放的仪表放大器的 VCM 与 VOUT 关系曲线图 INA122
所选封装材料的热学和电学性质 DCP010505B
Universal Instrumentation Amplifier EVM User’s Guide INA118
模拟信号链路产品指南 (Rev. B) BQ24392
INA122 PSpice Model INA122
INA122 TINA-TI Reference Design INA122
INA122 TINA-TI Spice Model INA122
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