INA2126:Micropower Instrumentation Amplifier Single and Dual Versions

The INA126 and INA2126 are precision instrumentation amplifiers for accurate, low noise differential-signal acquisition. Their two-op-amp design provides excellent performance with low quiescent current (175 ?A/channel). Combined with a wide operating voltage range of ±1.35 V to ±18 V, makes the INAx126 ideal for portable instrumentation and data acquisition systems.

Gain can be set from 5 V/V to 10000 V/V with a single external resistor. Laser-trimmed input circuitry provides low offset voltage (250-?V maximum), low offset voltage drift (3-?V/°C maximum), and excellent common-mode rejection.

Single version package options include 8-pin plastic PDIP, SOIC-8, and fine-pitch VSSOP-8 surface-mount. Dual version is available in 16-pin plastic PDIP, SOIC-8, and the space-saving, fine-pitch SSOP-16 surface-mount. All are specified for the –40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range.

  • Low Quiescent Current: 175 ?A/channel
  • Wide Supply Range: ±1.35 V to ±18 V
  • Low Offset Voltage: 250-?V Maximum
  • Low Offset Drift: 3-?V/°C Maximum
  • Low Noise: 35 nV/√Hz
  • Low Input Bias Current: 25-nA Maximum
  • 8-Pin PDIP, SOIC, VSSOP Surface-Mount Dual:
    16-Pin PDIP, SOIC, SSOP
Number of Channels (#)21
Vs (Min) (V)2.72.7
Vs (Max) (V)3636
CMRR (Min) (dB)8383
Input Offset (+/-) (Max) (uV)250250
Input Offset Drift (+/-) (Max) (uV/C)33
Input Bias Current (+/-) (Max) (nA)2525
Noise at 1kHz (Typ) (nV/rt(Hz))3535
Iq (Typ) (mA)0.1750.175
Bandwidth at Min Gain (Typ) (MHz)0.20.2
Gain (Min) (V/V)55
Gain (Max) (V/V)1000010000
Gain Error (+/-) (Max) (%)0.180.18
Operating Temperature Range (C)-40 to 85-55 to 125
Approx. Price (US$)1.91 | 1ku1.18 | 1ku
Package Size: mm2:W x L (PKG)See datasheet (PDIP)See datasheet (PDIP)
Noise at 0.1 Hz - 10 Hz (Typ) (uVpp)0.70.7
Gain Non-Linearity (+/-) (Max) (%)0.0120.002
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INAx126 MicroPower Instrumentation Amplifier Single and Dual Versions (Rev. B)PDF150531 Dec 2015
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Analog Signal Chain Guide (Rev. B)PDF600011 Jul 2013
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INA2126 PSpice ModelZIP38?KB30 Sep 2011
INA2126 TINA-TI Reference DesignTSC85?KB30 Sep 2011
INA2126 TINA-TI Spice ModelZIP3?KB30 Sep 2011
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SPICE-Based Analog Simulation ProgramTINA-TICircuit Design & Simulation
Ordering Information
Part #Preproduction / Production MaterialStatusTemp(oC)Price | QTYPackage | PinsDevice MarkingPackage QTY | Carrier
INA2126E/250ProductionACTIVE2.91 | 1kuSSOP?(DBQ)INA A 2126E250 | SMALL T&R
INA2126E/250G4ProductionACTIVE2.91 | 1kuSSOP?(DBQ)INA 2126E A250 | SMALL T&R
INA2126E/2K5ProductionACTIVE2.62 | 1kuSSOP?(DBQ)INA 2126E A2500 | LARGE T&R
INA2126E/2K5G4ProductionACTIVE2.62 | 1kuSSOP?(DBQ)INA A 2126E2500 | LARGE T&R
INA2126EA/250ProductionACTIVE2.35 | 1kuSSOP?(DBQ)INA 2126E A250 | SMALL T&R
INA2126EA/250G4ProductionACTIVE2.35 | 1kuSSOP?(DBQ)INA A 2126E250 | SMALL T&R
INA2126EA/2K5ProductionACTIVE2.07 | 1kuSSOP?(DBQ)INA A 2126E2500 | LARGE T&R
INA2126PProductionLIFEBUY2.80 | 1kuPDIP?(N)INA2126P25 | TUBE
INA2126PAProductionLIFEBUY2.18 | 1kuPDIP?(N)INA2126P A25 | TUBE
INA2126PAG4ProductionLIFEBUY2.18 | 1kuPDIP?(N)INA2126P A25 | TUBE
INA2126PG4ProductionLIFEBUY2.80 | 1kuPDIP?(N)INA2126P25 | TUBE
INA2126UProductionACTIVE2.91 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA2126U40 | TUBE
INA2126UAProductionACTIVE-40 to 852.29 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA2126U A40 | TUBE
INA2126UA/2K5ProductionACTIVE-40 to 851.91 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA2126U A2500 | LARGE T&R
INA2126UAE4ProductionACTIVE-40 to 852.29 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA2126U A40 | TUBE
INA2126UAG4ProductionACTIVE-40 to 852.29 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA2126U A40 | TUBE
INA2126UE4ProductionACTIVE2.91 | 1kuSOIC?(D)INA2126U40 | TUBE
INAx126 MicroPower Instrumentation Amplifier Single and Dual Versions INA2126
所选封装材料的热学和电学性质 DCP010505B
模拟信号链路产品指南 (Rev. B) BQ24392
INA2126 PSpice Model INA2126
INA2126 TINA-TI Reference Design INA2126
INA2126 TINA-TI Spice Model INA2126
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